Landscape Design

Landscape design

Making a collaborative process work for you

Whatever your motivation or problem you want to solve, your first move should be the same: begin with a plan.

Landscape design is a collaborative process between the client, designer, and landscape contractor that defines your best use of space while providing a workable roadmap for all of us to follow.  Plans are created that reflect your sense of style with amenities that will enhance your lifestyle.  Selecting plant palettes that compliment each unique site ensures a higher likelihood of long-term plant success and wildlife interaction.  And taking cues from what nature already provides and supplementing with locally sourced materials not only supports our local economy but lessens our environmental impact.

In every aspect of the design phase, a commitment is made to create opportunities for nature to be revealed while at the same time connecting us more fully to our Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Molding the gifts of nature to exceed your needs and expectations.