Water Management

water management

Water is an ever precious and ever changing natural resource, and as stewards of the earth we need to examine ways in which each of us can make a difference. By making informed choices more in line with our climate and our resources, each of us can make a significant impact.

As a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL), I can help transform your thirsty garden to one that can thrive in our Mediterranean climate. Utilizing my water management consultation services will help you find ways to reduce your water consumption and save you money.

Be sure to take advantage of FREE MONEY while it lasts! I can guide you through the specific process of Landscape Water Audits and Rebates made available to you through local agencies, and I will help you select the right products and have them installed correctly.

Below is a look at Lori giving a presentation at the SF Flower and Garden Show about water management.

Lori Speaking at SF Flower & Garden ShowSF Flower & Garden Show Presentation-Part One
SF Flower & Garden Show Presentation-Part Two
SF Flower & Garden Show Presentation-Part Three



Every drop of water is significant – consider yourself a droplet!