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Creating healthy, beneficial sanctuaries …

Beneficial Gardens was founded upon the principles of creating
healthy, beautiful residential landscapes benefitting not only our souls
but Mother Nature as well. We are constantly mindful of the
impacts being made with our designs, materials, and placement to ensure
that what we conceive is truly beneficial to all those
sharing that space. Whether creating a private courtyard entry
or expansive entertainment area, the core principles remain the same:
encouraging beauty and inspiration while honoring our environment.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is a collaborative process between the client, designer, and landscape contractor. It defines your best use of space while providing a workable roadmap for all of us to follow.
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Landscape Staging

Beneficial Gardens offers a unique resource for those putting their homes on the market for sale or hosting garden parties.
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Consultation & Fine Gardening

Whether you need help conserving water or determining how to make better use of a space, take advantage of a free half hour consultation. We will review your garden concerns on site.
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